ECAASU, the oldest national Asian American student organization in the country, has enjoyed over 40 years of education, advocacy, and activism. We would like to continue this long-standing tradition of success, by opening up the applications for the next year's Board of Directors.

We are looking for a volunteer team of passionate, open-minded students, recent graduates, and young professionals who will take the initiative on ensuring long-term success of ECAASU, including mentoring student leaders and managing the administrative responsibilities of a 501c(3). We encourage anyone who is interested in contributing to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community to apply.

Gar Yeung, Catherine Wong, Jim Chan, June Kao, Dan Tran, and Maria Pitt
The ECAASU Board of Directors

Below you can find a few helpful tips as you are navigating the application process:

  1. Board of Directors position description can be found below.
  2. Please be prepared to provide the following on your application:
  • Copy of your most updated resumé, highlighting any relevant leadership, work, non-profit management and / or AAPI community organizing experience
  • Three references and their contact information

      3. For more information, contact us at
      4. Application deadline: Thursday, March 1, 2018 11:59 pm EST
      5. After applications close, interviews will be arranged for the most qualified candidates to further discuss their interest in joining the ECAASU Board of Directors.



The ECAASU Board of Directors (BoD) is the governing body for the overall execution of ECAASU’s strategic mission and goals. The BoD contribute the educational, management, legal, and financial expertise needed to maintain long term organizational sustainability and to ensure year-to-year progress for the organization. They manage organization-wide financials and sets the long term vision for programs, including the annual Conference. The BoD also manages the Executive Director, who is on the National Board and oversees the day-to-day management and execution of ECAASU programs.  


  • Past leadership experience, including managing diverse teams of students

  • Organization policy and goal-setting experience

  • Able to work remotely

  • Can work well collaboratively and independently

  • Conference-planning or large-event planning experience

  • ECAASU-related experience preferred, but not required

  • Strategic planning experience preferred, but not required


  • 3 year term, 3 month transition period

  • 3 meetings in person a year (Spring, Summer, Fall)

  • 3+ meetings a month via conference calls

  • Active online conversations, as needed, informally and formally

  • Give or Get Policy of a minimum of $250 allocated towards BoD expenses

  • Financial responsibility of ECAASU’s finances, including appropriate filings with the federal, state, and local government, necessary for maintaining the 501c(3) status of the organization