From Bid to Conference


Over the past few years, our local AAPI community has grown so much. Never before has there been this much collaboration between AAPI student groups, let alone across campuses. We have begun to see each other beyond ethnicities and stereotypes as we find our own identities and unique intersectionalities. More and more, we are learning how to support one another and what we are pit against. We have just begun to learn what our atmosphere looks like and how it was formed.

Much of the AAPI community is arriving at this stage as well. Combined sentiments of oppression and injustice swirl around in the air as more and more students see the need for Asian American studies and resources, representation in media and politics, and our voices to be heard. As we connect over similar struggles, we must bond in solidarity against these forces of oppression and together come up with what we want our future to look like. 

In our bid, we poured our ideas and thoughts together to come up with what we believe will be an incredible experience for the AAPI community. We recognize that our community is extremely diverse in its thoughts, socioeconomic classes, passions, and more, just as the Triangle area is. No matter what experience level, opinion, or intersectionality one might represent, we want to make sure that participants will leave having learned something new, better understanding a viewpoint, or contributing to important dialogue. 

We, as a community of AAPI students in the South, hope that we can be a part of this awesome opportunity to learn, grow, and empower together. In this conference, we aim to learn about the history, issues, and structures that have impacted and continue to impact the AAPI community and other minority groups; explore identities and recognize unmet needs of the AAPI community; build communities that support one another and collaborate towards common goals; and provide resources to empower students to take initiative in their communities. 


Your Bid Chairs,

Christine Lee and Samantha Lin