During ECAASU 2017: Atmosphere, we want to provide a space to understand the social climate around us and the impact that we can have on society. We want to explore our current context, focusing on ideas of identity and intersectionality, especially in regards to underrepresented voices in our communities.

It is important to understand the reality of present issues surrounding our community and where they have originated, including these oppressive power structures, divisions within our own communities, and a lack of resources for us to be supported, especially in our context as young adults and college students. We want to discover where we are and direct where we go. Let’s begin.

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Workshop Sub-Themes

Interdependence - Between Us: 
In the context of the current political and social atmosphere of the United States, it is more important than ever for AAPI-identified people to come together as one community while at the same time recognizing and embracing the ways in which we are different from each other. This sub-theme seeks to explore issues and concerns that exist within the AAPI community. How do we engage and elevate marginalized voices within the AAPI community? How do we work together to build our communities and empower each other? This includes issues such as the stigma of mental health in AAPI communities, queerphobia in AAPI communities, colorism, and socio-economic class.

Intersection - Beside Us: 
As marginalized communities continue fighting for their rights and against systems of power in this country, it is crucial to think about where AAPI-identified people stand in relation to all these different communities. This mindset becomes even more important when we begin to consider the many ways in which our AAPI identities often overlap with these other identities. This sub-theme seeks to explore questions and issues that concern the relation between the AAPI community and other marginalized groups. What are some issues that AAPI students can think about when it comes to approaching other minority communities? How do we stand together with these communities in solidarity? This includes issues such as how to support Black Lives Matter as AAPI students, how to support the LGBTQIA+ community, Islamophobia, and anti-blackness.

Interaction - Beyond Us: 
Thinking in a national and international context, we begin to see that the complexity of AAPI narratives has slowly become conflated into a number of generalized, homogenous, and stereotypical stories that do not reflect the true diversity of our communities. This sub-theme seeks to explore and find tangible solutions to the problems that face the AAPI community beyond ourselves and the communities with which we stand in solidarity. How do we work to address these issues and break down the barriers facing us in the United States? How do we begin to dis-aggregate the term "Asian American" in the public sphere and deconstruct the stereotypes facing our communities? This includes issues such as AAPI representation in popular media, AAPI participation in voting and elections, and addressing white privilege.

Keynotes and Performers

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