National Board Meeting Update

Started off by recapping the Boston and NYC Mixer. Boston mixer is explained in detail in the post below, so I won't go into that. At the NYC mixer there were some interesting conversations. One attendee brought up the topic of Asian American men sexuality as examined through pornography industry, which could be an interesting workshop or discussion group. We also discussed exclusivity v. inclusivity with Asian American groups on campus. We confirmed the date for Philly mixer, but I think now there's some more confusion. So the Philadelphia mixer is either on the 8th or 15th of November. TBC. There is also talk of doing a mixer in the south, maybe at U Florida, in collaboration with the SERCAAL board sometime in the spring. That is still in the talks though. We moved on to discuss other projects, like this blog. We came up with two characters for this blog. The young and spunky "Raj," and the old and traditional "Professor Mao." Their bios are still being drafted, but their first blog entries are deadlined at end of the week. They will discuss various topics of interest... political, non political, mostly opinion, and definitely aims at inviting conversation.

We also talked about the Bid. There are now 5 schools interested in a bidding--from NY, NJ, PA, MA, and GA. We discussed ways in which the National Board can help these schools in the bid process, threw around the idea of having a conference call "Office Hour" session (or multiple sessions) where anybody could just dial in to ask the National Board questions about the bid. This session is tentatively set for November 9th. We want to push for bid declaration to by due December 1st, and bid packet to be due January 15th.

Last we discussed our interview project.  Michelle H. will be leading this project now. She'll be leveraging her committee members and Calvin Sun to do this. By next meeting, we should have a list of people we would like to interview and start sending out invitations to participate in this project. We want to do a combination of phone interviews and video interviews that will be made available to the public. This way, even if people can't come to the conference, they can still get exposure to dialogue with individuals who might keynote at ECAASU.