Raj v. Professor Mao : ECAASU Op Eds

ECAASU is about YOU, it's about your thoughts, your voice. In order to promote dialogue and discussion, ECAASU National will publish provocative opinion editorial pieces concerning Asian America, college students and life, or both here at http://ecaasunational.org, written through the vantage points of various personalities. Here are some introductions to our personalities right now:


U.C. Berkeley, Sarah Lawrence College

Raj was born as Rajagopalachari Maraikayar Mukhopadhyay in Madras, capital of the Tamil Nadu province of India. At age 5, he and his family moved to Berkeley, California where he garnered his current nickname of “Raj.”

Raj enjoyed the free-loving nature of Berkeley, California where he spent most of his time reading about the history of social injustice as well as advocating for the legalization of marijuana. His interests also include fighting the man, signing petitions, getting other people to sign petitions, chasing down people to sign petitions, and of course taking long romantic walks on the beach and getting sunbathers to sign petitions.

Raj eventually moved to New York, where he is currently enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College for a Ph.D. in ethnic studies and is officially employed as the South Asian grassroots coordinator for the Obama Presidential Campaign. There in New York City, Raj enjoys organizing big rallies, counter-rallies, counter-counter rallies, and making most of his best friends at rallies. Everything else about his life, according to Raj, “you should Google.”

Professor Mao!

Hillsdale College

Professor Mao was born as Liu-Ching-Fai Mao in the province of Heilongjiang, China where he grew up dissatisfied with the quasi-communist rule of the People’s Republic of China. While educated in reputable secondary schools in the province, Mao grew tired of the growing influence of liberalism permeating throughout the coastal provinces and cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Thus, with the encouragement of his parents, Mao eventually fled to North Korea where he sought refuge in ultra-conservative values of the one-party state.

After graduating at the top of his class from the University of Pyongyang, Mao decided to instill the issues of conservatism in Amsterdam, Holland. This endeavor proved quite unsuccessful, however, as he was chased down by an angry mob after publicly claiming he had sabotaged the city’s largest underground marijuana supply with a deadly cocktail of talcum powder, tabasco sauce, chinese licorice, and flesh-eating bacteria. Nevertheless, Professor Mao was granted asylum by the United States where he pursued a professorship at Hillsdale College.

Professor Mao currently resides at Hillsdale College in Michigan, where he is an avid supporter of Palin-McCain ticket (not the other way around) and teaches a popular class called “Fighting Spin with Spin: Resisting the Liberal Elite Media. (Bless their Souls!)”