Asian Americans in the Government, Plus Another

Check out these two Asian Americans: Eric Shinseki is President-Elect Obama’s pick for Secretary of Veterans Affairs. He is a Japanese-American born in Hawaii, and also the first Asian American four-star general! A hearty congratulations and a pat on the back for our man Eric is in order.

Plus, he’s well known for testifying about the number of troops required to stabilize Iraq in Congress, then enduring Donald Rumsfeld calling him a fool and being forced to resign and retire ,and then sticking it to Rumsfeld as well as getting “I told you so!” bragging rights when he turned out to be right in the end. Power to you, my man.

Also, congratulations to Anh “Joseph” Cao, for winning the Congressional seat in Louisiana, 2nd district! He won in a district that is majority black, and he’s the first Vietnamese-American to be elected to Congress. Please raise your glasses to him, ladies and gents.

This liberal ECAASUer is, however, saddened that Cao is a Republican (*sniff* why can’t they all be perfect?), but then again, the alternative for that district is far worse. Former Rep. William J. Jefferson, who held the seat since 1991, was kind of a douchebag who loved his bribes after all.

So, cheers to seeing more Asian American faces in our dear ol’ federal government. We await more in the future. Obama, we’re watching you! (Watching lovingly, of course.)

And in more governmental gossip…not everything is going smoothly for Obama’s assembling cabinet. Bill Richardson, the Latino governor of New Mexico and former Secretary of Energy in Clinton’s administraiton, withdrew from Obama’s nomination for Secretary of Commerce. He cited an ongoing federal grand jury investigation as his reason that he fears will distract from Obama’s administration.

That’s all very nice and protective of Richardson and all, but does anyone else remember the Wen Ho Lee scandal? He was one of the oh so friendly people in the government who cruelly scapegoated Taiwanese-American Lee of espionage in 1999, and never really apologized for it afterward. Yeah, he’s not that nice and cuddly.

Lastly, happy 2009!