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Impact Fellows Program International Examiner Positions Open


AAPIs Gain More Presence in Politics Asian Plantation Workers Face Health Threat


NAPAWF’s Freedom Network Conference Power Shift ’09 at DC


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Impact Fellows Program

Want to be published in the Chicago Tribune? Want to win an award from Mayor Daley? Want to confidently give presentations to 50+ people? How about how to lead people? Or to know more about our APA community? Or even, to accelerate your career? And get free lunches and get PAID?

Crazy, right? Not at All. No string attached.

If the answer to any of these questions is "YES," than you may want to consider applying- RIGHT NOW!  Graduates of the Impact Fellows Program, have accomplished all of above plus much more since graduating from our program.

AAI is accepting applications for Fellows and Community Partners (Internship Hosts), for its third annual Impact Fellows Program (IFP).  IFP seeks to foster the development of young leaders and to create a pipeline of leaders to act as informed and active representatives of the APA community. This program will take place in Chicago from mid June thru early August 2009.

Fellows' Qualifications:

  • Illinois residents (residency or school)
  • Aged 17-24
  • Demonstrated leadership and/or community service
  • Knowledge of, or a desire to learn about, issues facing the APA community.

AAI also invites the participation of Community Partners, which includes community-based organizations, government agencies, and foundations. The Community Partners will host fellows during the internship portion of the program. AAI seeks Community Partners that are nonprofit CBOs or GAs that work directly or indirectly with the APA community.

Please forward this announcement to others who may be interested (individuals or organizations)

Click here for more information on IFP.


International Examiner Positions Open

Positions: Distribution Driver, Webmaster/Web Designer, Production Graphic Designer, Spring 2009 Interns, and Freelance Writers.

Distribution Driver Delivers newspapers throughout the greater Seattle region. The ideal candidate is extremely reliable, physically capable, and willing to replenish the newspaper at high-traffic areas a week later. Must be available the first and third Wednesday of every month. It requires one driver approximately three days to deliver newspapers to 160+ drop-off sites in the region. The deadline for one driver to deliver all of the newspapers is by the following Friday, two days later. The position is paid on salary and the person delivers the paper twice a month. Mileage is compensated and access to a vehicle and driver's license is required.

Webmaster/Web Designer This individual would re-vamp our current Web site to optimize its functions and include new features that will attract readership and foster more interaction between the IE and its audience. For example, including PayPal, blogs, video cams, polls and archives. Must be available to update the Website for the first and third Wednesdays of every month (when our publication is published) and available one day a week to place ads on-line. Part-time. Knowledge of WordPress, MACs, Dream Weaver, HTML, preferred.

Production Graphic Designer This position requires knowledge of InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Part-time. Salary base, with extra for special projects. Must be available the Monday before the first and third Wednesday of each month, and occasional weekends. This team member coordinates and designs the newspaper layout, including content, images and photos, and places advertisements.

Spring Interns Deadline to apply is Monday, March 9, 2009. Programs offered in Editorial (writing, researching, newsroom operations), Advertising/ Marketing, and Development (Public relations, marketing, strategizing expansion of IE visibility and finances through grants and events). A Graphic Design internship involves producing layouts and the creative design of the publication. This is considered an opportunity to practice skills in a real newsroom and work setting. (note: The G.D. intern will not have an extensive opportunity to work with our main Graphic Designer, except during production).

Freelance writers To write, research, and interview sources for articles (news, features, Op-eds/columns, arts) to print. Freelancers must meet deadlines to submit work. All writers can communicate with the Editor to pitch story ideas and leads.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Diem Ly, Editor in Chief

International Examiner 622 S Washington St Seattle WA 98104 (206) 624-3925 x3 fax: (206) 624-3046 editor@iexaminer.org www.iexaminer.org


AAPIs Gain More Presence in Politics

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are gaining more positions in the new administration and congress.  Mainstream media is beginning to understand the potential of our community.  The following are some recent media coverage about the political power of AAPIs.

Speaker Pelosi's Statement Following Electoral Ballot Count (APIAVote Deputy Director, Naomi Tacuyan and Program Coordinator, Alvina Yeh were invited as guests of the Speaker during the session) http://speaker.gov/newsroom/pressreleases?id=0948


Asian American Political Profile Rising in the US: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2009/01/18/us/AP-Asian-American-Politics.html

Asian Americans: A Growing Force in City Politics http://www.gothamgazette.com/article/immigrants/20090120/11/2796/

NYT: Obama's People Photo Gallery (Features Pete Rouse, Senior Advisor; Eugene Kang, Special Assistant to the President; Eric Shinseki, Veteran's Affairs Secretary; and Steven Chu, Energy Secretary) http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/magazine/2009-inauguration-gallery/index.html


Asian Plantation Workers Face Health Threat

This news piece is not necessarily about Asian Americans, but it is certainly relevant to Asians and Americans in general.

Malaysian plantation worker Rajam Murugasu became blind in one eye after she slipped and accidentally sprayed the weedkiller paraquat in her face.

"It was raining. I fell down and the chemical shot straight into my eye," said Murugasu, a 40-year-old mother of four. "I was in and out of hospital for a whole year," she told Reuters at Teluk Intan town in northwestern Malaysia.

Paraquat, a herbicide that protects crop yields by killing weeds that compete for water, nutrients, and light, is banned in the European Union and restricted to licenced users in the United States, New Zealand and parts of Latin America.

Yet it is widely used in China, India, the Philippines as well as Malaysia, where the government reversed a ban in 2006 after growers demanded they be allowed to use the cheap herbicide.

"Paraquat has serious implications for one's health and there is no antidote. It is not right for a human to be handling it," said Irene Fernandez of Tenaganita, a rights group in Malaysia.

Click for more.


NAPAWF’s Freedom Network Conference

Want to learn more about human trafficking and the movement to end it? Join NAPAWF at the 6th Annual Freedom Network Conference! The Freedom Network is a coalition of non-governmental organizations that provide services to, and advocate for the rights of, trafficking survivors in the United States. This year, the Conference theme is dedicated to "Increasing Awareness, Assisting Victims, Prosecuting the Perpetrators, Serving the Survivors."

March 18 - 19, 2009 Dallas, Texas Fairmont Hotel www.freedomnetworkusa.org

NAPAWF staff will be there, and we want you to join us! We will help subsidize travel, housing and conference registration fees for up to 7 NAPAWF members. We're looking for NAPAWF members who want to learn more about human trafficking and are interested in mobilizing their chapters or communities to combat this issue. Your NAPAWF membership must be current to be eligible to participate. Visit us here to join or renew your membership.

Contact Priscilla no later than COB Friday, February 6, 2009 if you'd like to learn more about this opportunity and how to get involved.

In sisterhood,



Power Shift ’09 at DC

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Racial & Economic Justice Group Should Be at Power Shift '09 1. Environmentalism is a racial justice matter.

2. Nearly half of all Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans live in communities with uncontrolled waste sites.

3. People of color and low-income people disproportionately bear the burden of climate change. The leadership in this movement must reflect the issues of our most impacted communities.

4. Climate change is affecting people's ability to produce food in the global south- loss of cropland, desertification in Africa, and increased flooding in Southeast Asia.

5. It's not just the polar bears that need saving- our people and our communities need help too. Both domestic and abroad.

Bonus reason: President Obama might be there.

For more information on how to make Power Shift relevant for communities of color, contact Julia@greenforall.org

What is Power Shift?

Power Shift is the largest youth-centered conference on green jobs, environmental justice, clean energy solutions, ecological justice, and environmental equity of 2009.

Over 10,000 young leaders will gather in the Nation's capital to strengthen the youth movement for climate and economic solutions, by sharing skills, building bonds, and setting clear plans for action in our communities.

And on March 2nd, thousands of youth will flood the halls of Congress to meet face to face with their representatives, and ask for their bold leadership on green jobs and a clean, just energy future.

When and Where is it?

February 27- March 2, 2009 in Washington, D.C. Green for All will be featured in panel discussions, workshops, and founder and president, Van Jones, will be a featured keynote!

Learn more and register.


Absolutely Nothing to Do with ECAASU

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