Weeklies 09/10/2009

Hello again, everyone. This is Kayleigh, your ECAASU Communications Chair, giving you the next edition of these awesome weeklies. By this time in early September, college students should start getting settled into the everyday process of learning-- in the midst of living our lives and meeting new people. While you're at it, check out Mr. Calvin Sun-- a Board of Directors Member for our own ECAASU! Aside from the fact that he might be having a severe identity crisis, he seems like a pretty cool dude.
Hope you have the time to take a look at this e-mail. I promise, it has some cool stuff. This edition, there are new things TO DO! (Don't end up like this) There's an updated QUIRKY section with some fun articles to read. Better take advantage now 'cause they might be gone next time... And definitely check out the EVENTS, they look promising and you can meet so many people by just getting out there and participating in something in which you're interested. As always, there are a couple of JOBS/FELLOWSHIPS you can apply to, and my picks of NEWS concerning pretty important Asian American issues.
-- TO DO --

Take a glance at a post on ECAASU's website (ps. you can post too. YES, YOU!) by one of ECAASU's Board of Directors-- Calvin Sun, as he gives his take on the 3rd and 4th episodes of Season 4 as "Racially insensitive, Uninformed, Uneducated, Disrespectful, Ignorant, Offensive". Intrigued? Read why he thinks so, and offer your own opinions/ suggestions on what action to take in response to MTV. What do we plan to do about this? What is you opinion on this Statement of Denunciation? Remember to post on the blog, cause it's the cool thing to do.
For more information about America's Best Dance Crew and to watch the episodes on display, click here.

Join a national effort working to build support for comprehensive immigration reform at the grassroots level. Things to do:
- Visit the website to learn more about the nation-wide effort, as well as to join the e-mailing list
- Text "AAPI" to 69866 to join the National Cell Phone Action Network, to keep updated on the fight for immigration reform by sending urgent action alerts and the latest news, specific to your state
- Send a fax to your member of Congress to urge them to support just and humane immigration reform
Date: Now.
For more information about the campaign to Reform Immigration for America, click here.

Asian American Election Protection and Poll Monitoring- Defending Asian American Voting Rights
In past elections, Asian Americans have faced a series of barriers in exercising their right to vote. For example, poll workers were hostile and made racist remarks, poll sites had too few interpreters to assist Asian American voters, and translated voting materials were missing. When the media reports on election results by specific groups, Asian American voters are often overlooked. Join AALDEF along with several other Asian American groups will be monitoring the elections and conducting non-partisan voter surveys at polling sites in Asian American neighborhoods across New York City and Boston, Massachusetts. We need your help.
WhatVolunteers are needed to administer a multilingual voter survey in 3-hour shifts and document voting problems on Election Day. Polls are open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM in New York and 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM in Boston.  There will be a one-hour training session for all volunteers (90 minutes for trainings taking place at law firms).  All volunteers must be non-partisan during the time they help.
Location & Date #1: New York City Primary Elections -- Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Location & Date #2: Boston, MA Primary Elections -- Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Location & Date #3: General Elections -- Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Contact: AALDEF, 99 Hudson St, 12th Fl, New York, NY 10013; 800-966-5946; votingrights@aaldef.org
For more information about the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, click here.

Global Access Challenge 2009- the Cambodia Project
Support CPI as it participates in the Global Open Access Challenge 2009 to make strides towards fulfilling our goal and bring a better life to the children of rural Cambodia. We have the opportunity to benefit over 100,000 Cambodian children by improving the local economy, creating jobs and ultimately undoing the damages done to the Cambodian education system by the Khmer Rouge.
Date: Now. Until September 18, 2009
Way to Help #1Donate
Way to Help #2: Email your personal contacts urging them to support, also
Way to Help #3: Spread the word to your groups/ organizations
Way to Help #4: Use social media like FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Youtube
ContactTing Ting, tguo@thecambodiaproject.org or Hemant, mohapatra@thecambodiaproject.org
For more information about the Cambodia Project, click here.
-- QUIRKY --

McDonald's Japan has a gaijin clown. Funny? Inappropriate? Reinforce negative stereotypes about foreigners?

Jay Chou as Kato in 'The Green Hornet' (What? No Asian American Actors Left?)

So Thursday, September 28 at 8pm, it's gonna be the season premier of Flash Forward. That's pretty cool. Check it out, you might like it. It's on ABC. It's also starring Korean actor, John Cho-- you might recognize him from popular movies such as American Pie as well as the Harold and Kumar series. This seems promising. Tune in... in 3 weeks. I know you just can't wait.