Weeklies 9/23/09

Weeklies 09/23/2009

-- TO DO --

Did anyone catch MTV's recent episodes of America's Best Dance Crew?

Take a glance at a post on ECAASU's website (ps. you can post too. YES, YOU!) by one of ECAASU's Board of Directors-- Calvin Sun, as he gives his take on the 3rd and 4th episodes of Season 4 as "Racially insensitive, Uninformed, Uneducated, Disrespectful, Ignorant, Offensive". Intrigued? Read why he thinks so, and offer your own opinions/ suggestions on what action to take in response to MTV.

For more information about America's Best Dance Crew and to watch the episodes on display, click here.

-- EVENTS --

Southeast Regional Conference on Asian American Leadership

SERCAAL was created with the goal of education and spreading Asian Pacific American awareness in our region in mind. The conference is dedicated to addressing issues and topics specific to the APA community in the South Eastern region. Our theme this year is “Collaborate, Challenge, Change.” The theme reflects our mission to initiate a commonality of issues pertaining to our generation and what can be done in our community today through preparation of students to take the initiative.

Register: RSVP by October 2, 2009

Price: $55/person

Date: Friday, October 9 from 4:00pm to Saturday, October 10 at 10:00pm

Location: University of Florida in the Reitz Union (Museum Road, Gainesville, FL 32611)

For more information about the Southeast Regional Conference on Asian American Leadership (SERCAAL), click here.

Boston Asian American Students Intercollegiate Conference

Super strength, telekinesis, invisibility. “What’s Your Power?” is the theme of this year’s Boston Asian American Intercollegiate Conference (BAASIC). What gives you the confidence and strength to influence the change you wish to see in your community? BAASIC brings together college students from all over the Greater Boston area. This conference aims to encourage Asian American students to open the discussion of political, social, and economic issues and explore Asian American culture and identity. This year's performances will feature Asian American hip-hop artists Magnetic North and Taiyo Na.  Keynote speakers are long-time, community activist and author of The Snake Dance of Asian American Activism, Michael Liu, and poet and writer of The Heart's Traffic, Ching-In Chen.

Register: RSVP by September 30, door purchase available Oct 10 for $30

Price: $20; $30 after September 30

Location: Northeastern University

Date: October 10, 2009; 9am to 7pm

** Dinner mixer with ECAASU! :o)

For more information about the Boston Asian American Students Intercollegiate Conference, click here.

2009 Asian American Leadership Forum @ DeVry University in Chicago

Aligning to NAAAP's vision of "We make leaders!", AAI's motto to "Educate, Advocate, and Empower", and LEAP's "growing leaders", the AALF addresses the need for leaders in both the present and the future. For those who are currently in leadership roles, this is an incredible opportunity to refine and add to the tools they have and also mentor to share their experiences with others. For our future leaders, it is an opportunity to build his/her skills, learn from our leaders of today, and build a network of support in the future.

Register: RSVP here.

Price: Varies by status; $15 for students

Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009, 8:30am to 5:00pm

Location: DeVry University in Chicago (3300 N. Campbell Ave, Chicago, IL)

Contact: NAAAP Chicago, info@naaapchicago.org

For more information about all the various AALF workshops at the conference, click here.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Building New Foundation for Civil Rights- Advancing Social Justice Conference

The conference aims to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders in one place to address a broad range of issues facing the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. It serves as a unique forum where researchers, advocates, direct service providers and other leaders can meet face-to-face, talk about their common challenges and find ways to work collaboratively.

Date: October 29 from 8:00am to 7:30pm and October 30, 2009 from 8:00am to 5:00pm (early bird registration ends September 15)

Location: The Center at Cathedral Plaza- Los Angeles, CA

Price: Prices vary by time and status. Click here to find your category pricing.

For more information about the Advancing Social Justice Conference, click here.

NAAAP NY Dim Sum Networking Lunch

Come meet, eat, and network with new contacts, old friends, and future business partners over tea and Dim Sum. Make sure to RSVP!

Register: RSVP by October 3, 2009 @ noon

Price: Family style by table

Date: October 4, 2009; 1pm to 3pm

Location: The Golden Unicorn Restaurant (18 East Broadway, NY)

For more information about the National Association of Asian American Professionals- New York, click here.


Florence Tan Moeson 2010 Fellowship Program-- Pursue Research in the Library of Congress

The Asian Division Friends Society and Florence Tan Moeson is giving individuals the opportunity to use the Asian and Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) collections in the Library of Congress to pursue scholarly research projects. This collection contains 2.8 million+ titles of Asia. Grants up to $14,000 each year for 10 years with demonstrated need.

Deadline: September 30, 2009

Contact: Dr. Anchi Hoh, Co-Chair, adia@loc.gov, 202-707-5673

For more information about the Library of Congress' Asian and AAPI Collections, click here.

-- NEWS --

Seiken Kotai! A Landslide Victory for Japan's Democratic Party

Only once since 1955 have the ruling Liberal Democrats been ousted from office and that was in 1993, when an eight-party coalition took office for a brief and highly unstable period of rule; and even then the Liberal Democrats remained the largest single party. This is quite different. The Democratic party now enjoys a big majority and the Liberal Democrats have suffered a huge electoral defeat.

But what will the victory of the Democratic party and the defeat of the Liberal Democrats mean in practice? Is it likely to mark a decisive change in Japanese politics?

Update on Annie Le Case: Raymond Clark Sent to Max Security Prison

-- QUIRKY --

Asian-Americans Making Strides: Meet Photographer, Corky Lee

Name: Corky Lee, ??? [???]

Gender: Male

Birth: 1948, Queens, New York City

Current Location: Queens, New York City

Profession(s): Photographer

Corky Lee is known as the “undisputed unofficial Asian American Photographer Laureate.” Lee’s photographs have documented the daily lives of Asian Pacific Americans as well as various historical moments in American history. Lee is a second-generation Chinese American. The main goal of Lee’s work is to chronicle and explore the diversity and nuances of Asian American culture overlooked by mainstream media and to make sure Asian American history is included as a part of American history. In a quote from Asianweek he said that photography has a distinct purpose ‘…every time I take my camera out of my bag, it’s like drawing a sword to combat indifference, injustice, and discrimination, trying to get rid of stereotypes.’

Thank you, State Farm: For Being a Good Neighbor to the Asian American Community

"State Farm has been actively engaged in marketing to the Asian Pacific American community for many years; however, over the last nine years, the focus has increased, with specific in-language marketing that resonates culturally and specifically to the needs of the many different Asian Pacific American communitties, recognizing the subtle differences and values across the many nationalities."

Asian American Female Stereotypes in Full Display in Murder Case of Annie Le

“She didn’t give him the time of day, and now she’s gonna pick some other White guy. This Asian girl that he thought he could control. He was part of the Asian Awareness club, maybe he thought he could get himself a girlfriend..Asian women…that they’re easy to control than American women.” ----- Wait, what?

Check out ECAASU's awesome new website! www.ecaasu.org

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