FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE; 2009 Fall Campaign: ECAASU Visits MA & FL


October 15, 2009

Contact: Kayleigh Huang

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2009 Fall Campaign: ECAASU Visits MA & FL

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ECAASU-Sponsored Regional Mixers

October 10, 2009—The National Board for the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU), as part of its East Coast 2009 Fall Public Relations Campaign, visited cities along the East Coast to meet with interested students at mixers in Boston, MA and Gainesville, FL.

National Board divided forces to attend two highly anticipated APIA conferences along the East Coast. To Boston Asian American Students Intercollegiate Conference (BAASIC), we sent Tiffany Su (National Chair), Michelle Horikawa (Vice Chair), Caspar Wang (Marketing & Internal Chair), and Kayleigh Huang (Communications Chair). To Florida’s Southeast Regional Conference of Asian American Leaders (SERCAAL), we sent Eugene Mok (Vice Chair), Clara Ng-Quinn (Student Issues Taskforce Chair), and Calvin Sun (Board of Directors). After the two respective conferences, ECAASU led the group to the dinner venue where the organization had pre-ordered food and drinks for the group in Boston, or led the attendees to participate in an interesting poll about their Asian American identity (results of these polls will be posted in Calvin’s upcoming blog on his experiences at SERCAAL).

ECAASU mixers have given students and organization leaders a chance to communicate effectively, enjoy food, and converse with old friends, new contacts, and future connections. These dinners are also opportunities to learn about the ECAASU organization and to give the ECAASU national board an opportunity to get to know members who are interested in making a positive difference in the APIA community.

At SERCAAL, ECAASU’s own Calvin Sun (ECAASU Board of Directors, 2009) delivered the keynote address to the group of participants. In this address, he captured one of the essential points in ECAASU’s mission statement,

Each of us in this very room is capable of doing great things. By the very nature of being here, as part of an Asian American community, the chance for us to succeed is multiplied. The next Kal Penn or Helen Zia could be [any one of you]. All that matters is discovering that passion and seizing the opportunities. And I think that by all of you being [at this conference] today, a little bit of that passion is coming out.

If you missed ECAASU in Boston and Florida, ECAASU will be arriving in your area soon. Our schedule includes trips to Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta, and Washington D.C.

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ECAASU is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the Asian-American population, promoting a community of mutual understanding among all nationalities, and educating Asian-Americans about events of prejudice, discrimination, human & civil rights, racism, hate-crimes, newsworthy accomplishments, and current events—among others—by activities permitted under Section 501(c) 3 of the Code.

For more information on the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU), as well as to obtain photographs or memorable quotations, please visit our website:, Kayleigh Huang at (617) 692-0769, or e-mail ECAASU Communications at