South East Regional Conference Asian American Leaders (SERCAAL)

Eugene (Vice Chair), Calvin (BoD), and Clara (Student Issues Taskforce Chair) are here at Gainesville (Florida University) for the 2009 SERCAAL Conference. So far the conference especially the dedicated e-board and vivid speakers have been awesome!

Shout outs to Julia Yip, Kevin Chiu, Kim Tran, Brandon Magtalas, Julia Luu, Alyssa Wang, Diana Nguyen, Joann Gonzalez, and everyone else for showing us around and being such great hosts.

The weekend is still young so we can't wait for what else is in store! Calvin is getting nervous for the keynote address he has to deliver tomorrow morning but Eugene and Clara are keeping him sane. Wish them all luck!

Peace from Florida,

ECAASU "team of ballers."