What are we up to?

Hey everyone, It's Tiffany here, your ECAASU National Chair. I've been noticing that many of you are having trouble getting in contact with us! That's not good news for us, as we want to be as accessible as possible to you 24/7,  365, every minute of every day. My email is chair@ecaasu.org for those of you looking to send us your letters for co-sponsorship or just reaching out to us with questions and new ideas.

If you've reading our weeklies, you know that we publicize other organizations' events, jobs, fellowships, and important news in addition to ours. If your organization is looking to send information on your event, email Kayleigh Huang, our communications chair at communications@ecaasu.org.

Many of you are probably wondering what we've been up this year. We're proud to say that we've gone from an annual conference to an official 501-3c  organization working every week to define the voice of contemporary Asian American students and young professionals. We meet for at least an hour altogether-yes, all 11 of us from 7 different schools + our Board of Directors-and update each other on our current projects, collaborations, and new opportunities to help other organizations and individuals. Outside of these meetings, board members are talking to Asian American talent, professors, non-profits, and students constantly. While we're a close-knit group of board members and friends, we try to hear as many different voices around us as possible and take in others' opinions. We're listening so speak up! Don't be shy!! As you can see, we've been running around to different regions to host mixers, which have been incredibly successful! D.C./NYC/Florida/Boston..and possibly more to come! We're  happy  and grateful that you've taken the time to share your stories and ideas. If you didn't get to join us just yet, be on the look-out for a mixer in your area. We want to meet you!

So what should you do?

We want you-the students who care about contemporary issues and want to make a difference to join us not just at our conference, but also work with us to create an intercollegiate minority community to address those pressing issues happening at your schools and communities. What issues are close to your heart? What are the problems you want to solve? Comment on our facebook and website and let us know!