Before we release an official list of the new National Board for 2010-2011, we would like to share some of their reactions to their acceptances yesterday (click to enlarge):  

From left to right:

Southern Outreach Representative Nina Lu shares her love affair.

Marketing Chair Catherine Hsu runs like a puppy.

Midatlantic Outreach Representative Christy Truong just can't keep it in.

co-Vice Chair Caspar Wang goes through his comic-book style emotional rollercoaster.

co-Advocacy Chair (South Asian Discrimination) Henna Tailor communicates her joy through facebook.


And some excerpts from the acceptance emails....

co-Advocacy Chair (Immigration) Melanie Gao screams:


West Coast Outreach Representative Eugene Mok gets snarky:

I would like to thank all my fans and family supporting me through the years...haha.

Communications Chair Lorenzo Paglinawan is speechless:

I am in shock...

Finance Chair Kayleigh Huang makes an unusual request:

Can we know who else is on board soon? And also whether or not I get a support group?

co-Vice Chair Derek Mong keeps it simple:


High School Chair Sonya Prasad offers to do a school assignment about us:

AHHH! THANK YOU SO MUCH! . . . I feel like I should write an essay on how I'm definitely going to take advantage of this opportunity and how hard I plan to work for ECAASU, which of course I am, but right now the only thing on my mind is how happy I am to be a part of the National Board.

Marketing Chair Catherine Hsu also wrote us a haiku:

ECAASU (I'm totally cheating right now by making ECAASU the title.)

Thank you for juicing me up again, but I am only more thirsty. :)

co-Advocacy Chair (APA Women's Issues) Dara Chen reenacted a scene for us:

Getting out of my last class of my freshman year, I was on my way to turn in paperwork for the Hospital I volunteer at. In a rush, I checked my phone and noticed that there was a text informing me someone had been informed of their ECAASU National decision. I braced myself. This could be it. I could be cut.

Going to my inbox, I briefly skimmed and ....Look! ECAASU National wrote to me ...uuh no. This could be Really Really Bad. I took a pause to make sure I was ready... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! A few pedestrians across the street look at me curiously. I mean that says what I think it says, Right?! (re-reads a few times and crosses a busy intersection with uncontainable excitement.)

Congratulations to everyone! We're all so happy you're happy!