ECAASU Survey Results

A week ago, we closed a survey to our members list and the 2011 Registrants list. This survey was intended to get a sense on the viewpoints of the our community on key issues surrounding the sponsorship and mission of ECAASU. We received over 300 responses (after clearing out blank and duplicate responses). The results, as promised, are posted below. In regards to recent topics (focus and sponsorship of ECAASU), the Board of Directors are still in conversation with Professor Prashad and Miss Lai Wa Wu, two keynotes who have raised issues of concern at ECAASU 2011. We are open minded and are seeking to understand (through surveys and conversations) first before jumping to a conclusion on potential policy and strategy changes. We hope you continue this conversation with us as well by e-mailing us at directors (at) ecaasu (dot) org.

The Basic Conclusions from the Survey

  • Most (71%) members and registrants want to allow corporate sponsorships, though 6% of those said they prefer only small-medium corporate sponsorships. Though obviously it will depend on one off judgments on which corporations we invite for sponsorships or otherwise
  • Many (35%) members and registrants want to allow military sponsorship as is; many (34%) want to allow sponsorship but want the sponsors to have a smaller presence at the conference; a smaller percentage (13%) of people would rather not have the military as sponsors at all. Note, like all our questions--while it is a small percentage, we are taking these opinions very seriously and are open to discussions.
  • Most (71%) members and registrants feel ECAASU should focus on education/awareness rather than advocating particular issues. This is in line with ECAASU's current focus, though of course we will do both. This question is in regards to what takes priority given time and resources.
  • Members come to ECAASU mainly for workshops, though interest is quite evenly dispersed across the various programming elements. Based on the survey responses, ECAASU attendees don't just want to party.
  • Everybody wants to attend Duke 2012!

The Survey Results in Depth

For those interested, the survey questions are posted here; further responses after this point will be kept, though not included in the official results. After removing duplicates and blank responses, we received 318 lines of responses. Survey was sent to all registrants of ECAASU 2011 whose registration completed prior to the week of the conference, as well as people on the ECAASU mailing list (members-list). Survey was open for a week, and a reminder was sent out midway through. We also entered survey participants in a raffle for free registration and 1 round trip air fare to ECAASU 2012 at Duke.