Make a Difference: Apply for National Board

This is your chance to make a differenceECAASU NATIONAL BOARD APPLICATIONS: 2011-2012 Deadline: Friday March 25th, but interviews will be assigned as early as the March 18th, so it would be in your best interest to submit as early as possible.

What does the National Board do? click to see:

ECAASU, the oldest and largest Asian American student organization in the country, has enjoyed over 34 years of education, advocacy, and activism. Right now, ECAASU is on the cusp of taking on a new direction and this is your chance to become apart of making history.

We are looking for a team of passionate, open-minded students and young alumni who can take the initiative on advancing a variety of issues, work well with a variety of different personalities, and be willing to meet students from every part of the country. We ask that you bring your personality to the table and show us why you belong at the crossroads of the Asian American movement.

We're looking forward to meeting you.

- The ECAASU Directorate Calvin, Allen, Andrew, Michelle, Nancy, and Tiff

Do you have extra time to kill? More info about our FUNtastic application...

....we just have a few rules: 1) This isn't the SATs; leave nothing blank.

2) We most really want to know what you are like and how well you will "fit" on our board. New positions may be created to accommodate outstanding individuals and personalities. That said, have fun and let your personality shine!

3) Position descriptions and responsibilities are described within the application; just click on the first question of the 2nd page of the application and a cute little gray box with too many words will show up on the right side. To prevent the box from disappearing as you're reading, keep your cursor over that gray box as your scroll down. Let me know if this doesn't work for you (or download a better web browser).

4) Feel free to contact us anytime if you have other questions regarding the application or the application process.

Good luck, have fun, and be creative!

-Calvin "All I wanna do is say 'yeah yeah yeah'" Sun & the rest of the ECAASU Directorate (Allen Pan, Nancy Liang, Andrew Lee, Michelle Horikawa, and Tiff Su).


Below are the available positions for ECAASU National:

National Chair (1) Executive Vice Chair (1)

Advocacy Team: Vice Chair of Advocacy (1) Advocacy Chair (2)

Finance Team: Vice Chair of Finance (1) Sponsorship Coordinator (1)

Communications & Outreach Team: Vice Chair of Communications (1) New Media Coordinator (1)


National Chair - Spokesperson and the face of ECAASU National; member at large of the Directorate; works with the Directorate on setting the ECAASU agenda for the next year; coordinate weekly meetings on accomplishing goals set out by the Chair and the Directorate

Executive Vice Chair - Strengthen National Board cohesion; organize a changeover meeting between the previous and newly-elected Conference Boards & an on-site meeting at the host school one month before the conference. In the event the National Board Chair is unable to fulfill his/her duties, the Executive Vice Chair will be promoted to serve as National Board Chair until the next election.

Advocacy Team: Vice Chair of Advocacy - Coordinate the Advocacy Chairs on advancing APIA issues around the country; Keep abreast of and reporting on any APIA issues as they develop; formulate and advise upon official ECAASU policy positions.

Advocacy Team: Advocacy Chair - Research and advance specific APIA issues around the country; advise as an expert on those issues for the National Board. NOTE: If you feel passionate about a particular issue, specify it in your application (e.g. "South Asian Discrimination Advocacy Chair"). Maximum of 2 Advocacy Chairs.

Finance Team: Vice Chair of Finance - Create annual budget based on funds given by the Directorate; coordinate National Board reimbursements & bank accounts; work with the Conference Board on a sustainable conference budget.

Finance Team: Sponsorship Coordinator - Seek out and secure new sponsors (e.g. sources of funding) whose missions and goals align with those of ECAASU's.

Outreach Team: Vice Chair of Communications - Promote the National Bid; liaise between Conference and National Boards; collect announcements to send in online newsletter; keep minutes of all National Board meetings; review publications written by or about ECAASU National; facilitate the organization of regional mixers.

Outreach Team: New Media Coordinator - Update the ECAASU website, facebook, twitter and other new media platforms; archive past ECAASU websites; develop creative and ambitious strategies to promote ECAASU and its activities over the internet.

ECAASU Intern - Work with members of the National Board in accomplishing a variety of general tasks including: advocacy, finance, outreach, research, and maybe saving the world.