Announcing Submissions for APIA Activist Narratives: "Spark: Asian Pacific Americans Stand Up!"

As an activist of Asian American or Pacific Islander descent, was there a moment that sparked your passion for social justice? Was there an individual that inspired you to work towards change? Was there an event that affected you so deeply that led you to stand up for your rights and changed you forever? If so, the Asian American Justice Center Youth Advisory Council would like to hear about it! We are collecting experiences as part of a summer project entitled, "Spark: Asian Pacific Americans Stand Up!"

Please send a 3 minute video or 1-3 page single spaced typed paper to share your narrative of what prompted you to advocate for just and lasting change in your community. Your work will be featured in the AAJC website and will be part of an online compilation in the AAJC Youth Advisory Council website.

Please send your stories to, or email for any additional questions.