Rumors Dispelled!



Rumors have been circulating the web about Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing stores and corporate offices harboring racist attitudes since the 1990’s. An email thread stated that while on the Oprah Show, Tommy Hilfiger said his clothes were made for upper-class white people and not to be sold to other minority groups, particularly blacks. These claims eventually dissipated, but resurfaced in 2007 again. This time the statement was expanded to include Asian Americans and Jewish Americans too. In the case that the rumor proved to be based in fact, a huge ban on Tommy Hilfiger clothing was initiated in the email. Tommy Hilfiger went on the Oprah Show for the first time in May of 2007 to lay it all out on the line, saying that the rumors were false-- check it out by clicking on the image above for a video link!

Now, in 2011, it seems that the rumors have not completely faded and people are still receiving this email thread and spreading it once again. So be weary of what you read and hear! Rumors spread fast, but not everything is based on fact!   




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