A Hint of Light- Add this to your reading list!


David L. Meth is a novelist and award-winning playwright who writes on multicultural themes about people caught between cultures. His book, A HINT OF LIGHT, has received 5 stars on Amazon, plus numerous other outstanding reviews.

The book is about a black-Korean Amerasian boy orphaned to the streets of Seoul from the time he is born. It traces his life, with his white-Korean female companion, through the gutters and back alleys of the marketplace, through whorehouses and hotels, to Japan in the service of a wealthy Korean exporter's wife, and finally to New York City. It is a dramatic view of the streets through the eyes of its various inhabitants that exposes the underbelly of racism permeating Asian and American societies. A fictional document on a segment of society trapped in their own skins because of their color, they remain foreigners in their own land with no identity and no escape. ~ David L. Meth

If you are looking for a great read, be sure to check this out!