Asian Americans & Online Dating

Interesting read this morning that I wanted to share: API's Look for Love by Logging on

Personally, I wouldn't think that online dating in the Asian American community is a big thing and highly accepted. Many of us come from traditional backgrounds, so meeting and dating a complete stranger across various state borders is seemingly preposterous and odd. And this article, justifying my beliefs says that Asian Americans make up less than 5% of the total online dating popuation. Very little. However, the article goes on to say that out of 23,4 million users on, Asian Americans make up 4%. This tiny percentage of people translates to about 900,000 users. 900,000 Asian American online daters on alone! That's a pretty huge number!

I mean online dating, though having increased exponentially these past years, is still not widely accepted. Is it an even bigger struggle for Asian Americans to find love online because of family beliefs and traditional backgrounds?  Take this excerpt from the article:

The shift from the intuitive matchmaker, the concerned parent, the well-intended friend, and the trusted community as sources of meeting new people to that of a computer screen was not as natural as we now assume. The shift remains a challenge for members of more reserved or traditional communities.

“I don’t think [my family] would be very supportive of the online dating world because of the dangers that are involved. Maybe the most important concern is why I am not able to meet someone in real life and have to turn to meeting people online,” said Sun, who has not told her family about her decision to date online.

Will online dating become the most popular ways of creating relationships in the future? I'm sure the struggle with parental approval like Sun has, is more universal. The dangers are real and should be a concern for all users as well. Even so, the number of users is increasing and the online world already provides a huge forum for people to communicate. Dating and forming relationships only pushes and expands the boundaries of the online community. Here are my questions though: Will it become mainstream in the Asian American community? Is it already mainstream? Do you know people who do it? Would YOU date online?