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Happy Belated July 4th! Hope you all enjoyed it! And in other news!

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Sign of the times: Proposal to rewrite NYC store signs in English sparks culture clash

NEW YORK An article was released by the Associated Press on July 3rd reporting new legislation to be passed, requiring store signs to be in mostly English. Councilmen Dan Halloran and Peter Koo have been drafting this in order to increase public safety and expand beyond a traditional customer base. Totally understandable, but 60% ? I agree that having English on store signs is a good thing and helpful for people who do not read/speak the native language. However, who decided and agreed on 60%? How is this going to be enforced? In the name of public safety and for the sake of attracting a larger customer base, I would like more answers.


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Check out the blogpost by angryasianman Check out the article released July 3rd by Associated Press: NY pols seek to make business signs mostly English