Newest Members of National Board


Release Date: 7/11/11

Written and complied by: Melinda Wang

ECAASU Welcomes it’s Newest Members of its National Board: Catherine Hsu as Sponsorship Coordinator, Diane Wong as Vice Chair of Advocacy, and Nicole Fink as Advocacy Coordinator

As the 2011-2012 ECAASU National Board is starting to crank its gears and flex its muscles, we are proud to welcome Catherine Hsu, Diane Wong, and Nicole Fink! Among the countless applications and interviews, these lovely ladies shone the brightest in their presentation, experience, accountability and bright personalities. We are very excited to work with them and there’s a very good reason why that is: both have passion in combating Asian American issues and both are very experienced in what they do. Here’s a taste of what drew us to them.

CATHERINE HSU, a 2011 alumna of University of Pennsylvania, graduated with a B.A. in Communication and Commerce. Originally from San Jose, California, Hsu has been actively involved in a myriad of philanthropic activities since high school. Moreover, she has delved into retail industry with flying colors, serving as Fashion Show Chair for Penn’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Week, working in Tiffany & Co.’s Corporate Headquarters, and currently working full time as Assistant Merchant at the Abercrombie and Fitch Home Office. To be a successful Sponsorship Coordinator, an individual must be able to juggle working with a large number of individuals and organizations and be able to tailor communications to these groups successfully. With Hsu’s degree in Communication and Commerce and diverse experience, she has the ability to succeed in corresponding and maintaining relationships with the groups this position calls for. Her eagerness to maintain a connection to the AAPI community and to community service will definitely help to fuel her efforts this year as she endeavors to work with a group on ECAASU’s National Board to make reach out to potential and current corporate and nonprofit sponsors.

ECAASU’s Vice Chair of Advocacy, DIANE WONG, is equally impressive in both experience and oomph. As a rising senior at Binghampton University, majoring in Political Science and Asian and Asian American Studies with a concentration in Chinese language, Wong has a very strong background in Asian American issues. Editor-in-chief of Asian Outlook Magazine, Cultural Ambassador to the Institute for Asian and Asian Diasporas, and the list continues… If having these experiences is enough, Wong’s hands-on experience in Advocacy awareness and education is quite extensive, including helping to create an Asian American Resource Guide, addressing important needs within AAPI communities in New York cities. Political/Social Activism? She has that, too. She has helped plan the 2010 Advancing Justice Conference, a conference of AAPI leaders united to discuss AAPI issues in civil and social rights and is currently working as a research fellow at Columbia University investigating AAPI political behavior. Needless to say, Wong definitely encapsulates the vary essence of what is necessary to become a Vice Chair of Advocacy for a National Board like that of ECAASU’s. Full of AAPI knowledge, advocacy experience, and energy that even rivals that of the Energizer Bunny, Wong is sure to soar among the stars as she endeavors to bring ECAASU to new heights in its advocacy efforts.

And finally, NICOLE FINK, our new Advocacy Coordinator, is just as remarkable as the other new members. She is currently pursuing a Master’s at the UCONN School of Social Work with a concentration in Community Organization and has received her B.A. from UCONN in 2010 in Psychology and Asian Americans in the U.S. Legal System. Outside of academics, Fink has been actively involved in the Asian American community, serving in prominent positions in AAPI programs, events, panels, and organizations. Moreover, she is currently the chair of the Asian American Student Organization and the Disaster Response Committee at UCONN School of Social Work and on the board of the Asian Pacific American Coalition of Connecticut. Fink’s efforts in the AAPI community have been commended as she received the Roger N. Buckley Scholarship for outstanding demonstrated interest in Asian American studies as an undergraduate student. We are truly blessed to have Fink on the board with us as she also hopes to empower and educate AAPI to find their political voice. Given what Wong and Fink have shown us in their background and motivation, we believe they have the ability and talent to effectively work with other ECAASU National Board members to bring about a positive and efficacious change in ECAASU’s advocacy activities.

Let’s expect the best as these women work with the National Board to bring another booming and unforgettable year in ECAASU’s history. Like we said, we expect nothing but above par for these three!