Another Alexandra Wallace? More Stereotypical Videos in the Media

Have you seen this video? As if Alexandra Wallace was not enough, another girl has filled the media waves with misguided Asian stereotypes. I have to say though, watching this did not make me feel the same angst and frustration I did with the Alexandra Wallace video. As a lot of comments on the site will say, this girl's post was really meant as a joke. That's not to say that her actions will not have repercussions, I'm sure they will. However, I do believe that some things are not meant to be harmful and really are just for good fun and we need to differentiate the two. I CAN say that this doesn't cater to everyone's humor. Some people trying to be funny just simply are not. Personally, I didn't care for the humor and this girls material. Race is always a touchy subject and I'm sure many people will be offended by it (you can definitely see that from the comments). I'll leave you to form your own opinions. Here's the video below in case you haven't seen it and the original site. Please note [NSFW] due to a short clip within this video.

What REALLY surprised me were some of the comments that were left on the site. Here are some examples:

You can see everyone has different opinions on this video. Some people find it offensive and some people don't.

HOWEVER THE NUMBER ONE COMMENT THAT STRUCK ME WAS THIS ONE AND I THOUGHT THIS WAS MORE OFFENSIVE THAN THE VIDEO. AND THIS GETS ME REALLY RILED UP. This person obviously does not know the history in which people of different races did work with each other for social justices. Look up Richard Aoki a Japanese American AND one of the charter members of the BLACK PANTHER PARTY, an African-American revolutionary organization, in the 1960's. I'm sure you've heard of it.

If you read this, I'm sure you all have thoughts...Share them!