Fact of the Day (8/16)

Asian Americans have come a long way in the media in recent times. For example, a young generation of Asian Americans have found a voice through YouTube, a prominent media platform. Of the 20 most-subscribed-to channels on YouTube, three belong to Asian Americans. Ryan Higa, a Japanese-American comic, has about 4.2 million subscribers and is now the #2 most subscribed person on YouTube. Michelle Phan, a Vietnamese-American make-up artist, has about 1.5 million subscribers and the most subscribed channel of any woman on YouTube. Kevin Wu, a Chinese-American comic also known as KevJumba, is the 12th most subscribed on YouTube with about 1.8 million subscribers. These recent developments in the media have led to the production of an upcoming documentary, which showcases Asian Americans in nontraditional media, called  “Uploaded: The Asian American Movement.”



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