Funeral Supplies Owner Arrested for Counterfeiting. Except, one small thing SIR...


Fook On Sing Funeral Supplies Store. Items for sale made of cardboard, paper and plastic.


I'm no expert on copyright infringement, but if it's a Funeral Supply Store that sells items made of CARDBOARD, I don't see where it comes to play. Neither does Wing Sun Mak, owner of Fook On Sing Funeral Supplies, on Mulberry Street. He was arrested with counterfeiting charges for selling items resembling things like a Louis Vuitton handbag. The problem here is that the items sold here are SUPPOSED to be fake. It's a Funeral store that makes symbolic gifts, which are meant to be burned for the deceased. The items are made of plastic, cardboard and paper. No one is passing them off as real. So why this arrest? Outrageous. Here's a remark from Councilwoman Margaret Chin:

“You expect the police to be culturally sensitive,” Ms. Chin said. “This has been going on for hundreds of years, the Chinese burning offerings to the dead, and that’s what these kind of stores are for. It’s hard to understand how someone could mistake this for criminal activity.”

To read more here's the article by Jeff E. Singer and Corey Kilgannon:

Yes, He Sold Fakes. They Are Supposed to Be Fake.