Making Strides via Youtube. An 'Uploaded' Documentary.

Asian Americans breaking into mainstream media has always been a topic of discussion. The age old question: When will we be able to have roles that aren't just kungfu masters or math whizzes? When will we be portrayed as who we really are and what we can be? I mean, how many Asian Americans in entertainment can you name on the top of your head?? Not enough. Not enough to represent how many Asian Americans there really are in the United States am I right? As you know, Youtube has been a wonderful forum for people to express themselves and their talent. Stars like Ryan Higa and Michelle Phan are some of the most subscribed to channels on Youtube.  They are among many other Asian Americans on Youtube who have dominated this media site creating a new generation of Asian Americans in the arts and entertainment. Where can we go from here?  Our population is huge and our potential is limitless. There are so many possibilities and new doors to open, not only in media. Proof itself~> The New York Times has recently written a very interesting article on just this. It's called "For Asian American Stars, Many Web Fans" by Austin Considine.

It's a good read and it also mentions a new independent documentary called UPLOADED: The Asian American Movement. Definitely worth checking out. It'll feature interviews with musicians, dancers, song writers, filmmakers and media icons such as Clara, AJ Raphael, Victor Kim, AngryAsianMan, David Choi, HappySlip, Cathy Nguyen, WongFu Productions and many more!  Below is a little kickstarting teaser they released this past month.