8 Charged for the Death of Pvt. Danny Chen

8 Soldiers have been charged for the death of 19 yr-old Private Danny Chen. Investigation has found that Danny's death was caused by physical attacks and ethnic bullying. Whether this led to a suicide or homicide is still unclear. The charged soldiers have been removed from their original base in Afghanistan and are under close supervision. A vigil was held last week for Danny Chen and hundreds of supporters were present demanding for answers on what/who causes his death. Finally they have answers. It seems Danny Chen is not the only to lose his life from military hazing. Thankfully, the pressure is on and justice will hopefully be served. To read more on this issue and to see the full list of those charged for Danny Chen's death please visit U.S NEWS: 8 soldiers charged in alleged hazing death of GI; family seeks truth

For a full video on this Breaking News click below or go to MSNBC VIDEO: 8 Charged in death of U.S Soldier in Afghanistan                                                                                                                                                     


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