[] ECAASU [] Happy New Year!!

Greetings ECAASU Family! Happy New Year! After another fantastic year, we would like to leave with you a few short messages from the National team. It has been a tremendous journey to watch ECAASU grow with members, programming, and advocacy projects. As we near our thirty fifth year anniversary, we would like to thank all of our supporters with several messages that the National team would like to share:

1. The National team currently operates on your donations, and if you are looking to make the last round of your tax deductible gifts, or more importantly, if you want to support innovative programming and community-building that focuses on Asian American voices, please support us today!

2. Check out our website for the latest news on team projects, campus tours, and blog post updates. In addition, you can find various opportunities listed on the website spanning from our Campus Ambassador Program to the ECAASU Trailblazer Award. For more information: http://www.ecaasu.org/site/

3. Subscribe to the ECAASU members list to receive emails about the latest Asian Pacific American news, internship opportunities, conference updates, and how to get involved with the National Board. For more information: http://www.ecaasu.org/site/join-the-ecaasu-members-list/

4. Get involved with ECAASU! There are many job, internship, and volunteer opportunities for students who have a passion for empowering the Asian Pacific American community through community engagement. We encourage students who have inspiration, drive, and innovative ideas to bring join ECAASU.

5. Don’t forget to register for the 2012 ECAASU Conference! This year’s Conference will be held at Duke University from February 24 - February 25 with the theme as Rediscovery: Renaissance. Revolution. We have planned keynote speakers, workshops, and other programming activities to provoke critical thought and analysis of contemporary Asian America. In addition, there will be numerous opportunities for networking and professional development including a job fair.

Regular (by January 13) - $55 Late (by Febuary 10) - $65 At the Door - $75

For more information: http://www.conference.ecaasu.org/registration/

6. Since there are currently no bids to host the ECAASU 2013 conference, don’t forget to consider hosting the conference next year.  On behalf of the ECAASU Board of Directors, we are calling for a group of students to step up and lead next year's conference.  Please contact June Kao (june.kao@ecaasu.org) to bid for ECAASU 2013.