Fact of the Day (1/24) - Asian Americans in NFL

Two weeks before the Superbowl, how many Asian American football players can you count from the top of your head? To name a few, Roman Gabriel was the first Asian American football player (with Filipino descent) to start as a quarterback for the Rams and then the Eagles until his last game in 1977. Fast-forward a bit and there is Eugene Chung, the first Korean American football player after he was drafted first round in 1992 by the Patriots as an offensive tackle. He went on to play for two other teams. In 1999, Dat Nguyen became the first Vietnamese American when the Cowboys drafted him as a linebacker. He led his team in tackles until his retirement due to injuries. Kailee Wong also played linebacker, but for the Vikings and Texans from 1998 and 2006. Hines Ward is half Korean and was born in South Korea. Ward is a four-time pro bowl wide receiver for the Steelers with two Super Bowl championships and the Super Bowl XL MVP on his resume. How’s that for breaking stereotypes?