Fact of the Day (1/29) - Bullying Among Asian American Youth

According to a study conducted last year, the research found that Asian Americans have the highest victimization rates from bullying in the United States. About 60 percent of Asian American youth reported instances of bullying each month in their classrooms and school. Such cases of bullying have stood out from the incident at South Philadelphia High School where Asian students were singled out by bullies and physically assaulted amidst school security guards and faculty members, to the recent viral Youtube video from Boston that filmed seven students beating an Asian teenager after school in spite of his fruitless pleas to stop. One can argue that bullying is a direct result of many immigrant students’ “foreignness” or the perpetuation that Asian Americans are nerds, weak, passive, and unwilling to fighting back. Bullying leads to violence and other serious consequences if left unhindered. Don’t be silent and speak out against bullying.