Fact of the Day (1/22) - Lunar New Years

Chinese New Year, or more appropriately Lunar New Year, marks the start of the Chinese calendar on January 23, a date that changes every year and traditionally lasting for fifteen days. For 2012, families of many Asian cultures celebrate the year of the Dragon. In order to bring in the New Year, families commonly give out red envelopes filled with money to friends and family for good luck and fortune. As such, children wake up early in the morning to greet their parents, particularly asking to receive a red envelope. Red is used everywhere as it is believed to be the luckiest of all colors. Spring cleaning is another aspect of the celebration, cleaning the house for a fresh start to the year and putting up decorations in red and paper cutouts of words, such as happiness, wealth, and longevity. Whether it is watching dragon dances, drums, loud celebrations that span into the streets, and playing with fireworks or firecrackers, or even spending time and eating dinner with family, the day represents a special day for many people.