The Best in Asian America 2011

HAPPIEST NEW YEAR from all of us at ECAASU!As we start the new year, we take a look back at some of the major accomplishments of 2011.  

I recently ran into a great read by Jeff Yang from the Wall Street Journal Online!  Here's an article that sums up some of the biggest accomplishments of Asians and Asian Americans in 2011! This past year we have made strides in many different industries including  media entertainment, politics, sports and literature. Major high achievers include well known Asian American blogger Phil Yu aka Angry Asian Man, first Chinese American Secretary of Commerce and Ambassador to China former Governor Gary Locke, and DREAM Act advocate Jose Antonio Vargas.

Other mentions include YouTube sensations like Jimmy Wong who wrote a song about the Alexandra Wallace "Asians in the Library" fiasco which generated millions of views. Another YouTube Sensation 11-year-old Filipina Canadian Maria Aragon's career has taken off in 2011 since her cover of Lady Gaga's  "Born this Way". Other notable mentions include Kina Grannis, Magnetic North as well as Glee's talented star Harry Shum Jr. Literature has gained notoriety in 2011 as well with a series of books trending Amy Chua's book The Battle Hymn of a Tiger mother that rapidly spread the term "Tiger mom" across the nation. One thing I thought worth mentioning was the accomplishments and increased popularity of Jeremy Lin in the NBA, a recent addition to the New York Knicks!  Besides Yao Ming, we don't see that many Asian American faces in the NBA and while he is not their star player, I think his hard work is definitely noteworthy. Still, Yang does a wonderful job chronicling some major players and achievers in the Asian American community for the 2011 year!

Not only have careers taken off, but 2011 marks a major milestone for Asian America. We're at a point where our voices and our culture are being heard, accepted and even respected. These people have unlocked a door that provides us with such inspiration and motivation to work harder and make a difference. People will be looking back at them as huge trail blazers for the Asian American movement.

Check out the full article for more:

The Best in Asia and Asian America 2011 Written By: Jeff Yang 

Cheers to progress, a greater sense of community, and more years of continued growth and prosperity!