Racial Slur used by ESPN after Knick's Loss Against Hornets

From the SFGate: ESPN Sorry for Offensive Headline on Lin Story

ESPN ran the headline "Chink in the Armor" after Lin had nine turnovers in New York's loss to the New Orleans Hornets on Friday night on its mobile website that could be seen on phones and tablet computers.

Though the statement was removed 35 minutes after it was posted, the damage was already done and ESPN issued an apology to the public and said the proper disciplinary action would be taken.

Rising Knicks star Jeremy Lin continues to gain momentum and popularity despite the Knick's loss last night to the North Carolina Hornets [85-89]. A number of websites have sprung up featuring Lin and a number of  puns like "Linsanity", "Lincredible"  and "Lin it to Win it". Despite rough obstacles, Lin continues to climb the charts and we'll see how the Knicks fare against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday!