Spreading the Lin-Sanity

Overnight, Jeremy Lin became one of the most talked about NBA players of all time. His movement on the court has gain such notoriety and the stadium at MSG has been jam packed game after game! Hundreds of websites and videos have sprung up honoring, humoring and chronicling Jeremy Lin's life. What can we say? This dude is LIN-credible.

If you're just joining in, Jeremy Lin is one of the 1st Asian American players in the NBA and the 1st NBA player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent. He's a 23 yr old Harvard graduate who has been raising the scoreboards after he joined the Knick's team as a point guard at the end of December 2011. He has gained such fame all around the world for his fantastic plays and humble attitude. Since his arrival with the Knick's, viewership of games have increased exponentially and ticket sales are through the roof. His #17 Jersey is considered the most sold jersey in the NBA. Why the fame? It's not only that he is such a great player. He is breaking stereotypes for Asian Americans everywhere. He is an inspiration to everyone around him and such a fantastic player to watch on the court!

Want to learn more about the Lin-sanity? Here are a few fun links to get you started!

15 Reasons to Remain Unapologetically Over the Moon About Jeremy Lin. Great Article, Great Reasons. http://www.nymag.com/daily/sports/2012/02/fifteen-reasons-to-stay-over-the-moon-about-lin.html

You've heard the puns. It's official: Jeremy Lin Word Generator. Everything you can think of for LIN-tastic compound word fun http://www.linwords.com/generator.php

SNL Skit Referencing inappropriate ESPN comment after a Knick's loss to the Hornets. This skit does a great job highlighting how much we still need to learn about minority groups and appropriate language.  http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/blogs/sentinel-sports-now/os-jeremy-lin-espn-snl,0,4986940.story

NY Post Q&A with Jeremy Lin. The past, present and future. Find out what inspires him, his pre-game rituals and what he looks for in a girlfriend! http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/knicks/with_jeremy_lin_yXOGZEaBBMwbUgCIgJ32ZP/0

Lin-depth storybook look at Jeremy Lin's Road to Stardom. How far will his fame rise?  http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1195161/1/index.htm

There are so many sites out there! Know some good ones? Let us know! Share them in the comment section of this post so others can have a look too!