March 8 - Women’s History Month Profile: Sarinya Srisakul

Another remarkable story among the brave and in a predominantly male occupation, Sarinya Sriskul is the first Asian American and Thai American female firefighter in New York City. Female firefighters represent one-fourth of 1% of almost 12,000 firefighters in the city; in 2010, Sriskul is one of only 31 women firefighters. Not only is she the first Asian American female firefighter, but also she is a vegan and a lesbian. As featured in Streetfilms for Bike Month in New York City, she enjoys riding her bike to work for 10 miles from Elmhurst, Queens, to East Village in Manhattan, in order to keep herself in shape and beat the subway. She does not just bike to work, but she bikes everywhere, and she enjoys it. Despite the physical and emotional demand of her job and the gender stereotypes, she shakes it off saying, “Good thing I don't really care what other people think. Otherwise I wouldn't be a firefighter, either.”

Check out her NYC Biking Story here: