April 10 - Fact of the Day: Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

“Bamboo ceiling” is a terminology used to call the glass ceiling that Asian Americans face in the workforce. More specifically, this invisible ceiling highlights that Asian Americans face numerous difficulties and challenges with job advancement and career progress in professional sectors and organizations. The ceiling derives from the model minority stereotype that inaccurately labels Asian Americans all as “success stories” and also typecasts them as quiet, passive, non-confrontational, hesitant, and different, unable to be trusted with executive and leadership positions in the United States. Without long-term advancement despite high educational attainment even from top universities, Asian Americans have been relegated to positions in low-level and low-mobility jobs. In response to this phenomenon, “breaking the bamboo ceiling” illustrates that Asian Americans are able to overcome these stereotypes and discrimination, but through self-awareness and commanding visible leadership roles.