April 12 - Fact of the Day: The Filipino Pensionado Students

Early Filipino migration to the United States in the early 20th century came as American government-sponsored pensionado students. After the Philippine-American War, Filipino students migrated to the United States to travel to a country dreamed as free and prosperous, to acquire the American diploma which they believed would boost their status and lead to an aspiring future in the Philippines. As early as 1903, pensionado students started to migrate and lived in boarding houses, attended college full-time, and were expected by their American sponsors to learn about the United States and succeed academically. Part of a Filipinization policy, pensionado students were then required to return and enter government services in the Philippines after acquiring an American education. Later, Filipinos would also enter the United States, but as self-supporting students and agricultural and migrant laborers into settled immigrant communities.