June 5's Fact of the Week: Linguistic Diversity

According to the 2009 American Community Survey of the United States Census, 2.6 million people 5-years-old and older spoke the Chinese language at home, representing the second-most prevalent non-English language spoken after the Spanish language. In the United States, among the languages most commonly spoken at home and above a million people include Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Korean. With 3.8 million Chinese Americans, they represent the largest Asian American group above Filipino Americans at 3.2 million, Indian Americans at 2.8 million, Vietnamese Americans at 1.7 million, Korean Americans at 1.6 million, and Japanese Americans at 1.3 million. Gradually, the Chinese language is climbing to become the second-most influential language in the world following the English language.

Source: http://www.census.gov/newsroom/releases/archives/facts_for_features_special_editions/cb11-ff06.html