September 18's Fact of the Day

Cultural insecurities and the commodification of women’s bodies at times result in a subtle internationalization of beauty behind socially constructed racial ideologies and gender inequalities. Consumer culture and multi-billion dollar beauty capitalist industries offer risky services with promising returns such as cosmetic surgeries to offer prices for beauty. However, these returns are illusive and constructed on racial and gender imaginations historically entrenched in Western cultural imperialism and influence. In 2009, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons underlined that Asian Americans underwent approximately 743,000 cosmetic surgeries with nose shaping, double-eyelid surgery, and breast augmentation as the most commonly performed procedures. While changing appearances’ emergence as a mainstream trend is nothing new or special as cosmetic surgeries and beauty modifications have existed for hundreds of years, one can see how racial and cultural imaginations still persist in conceptualizations of beauty.