October 15's Fact of the Week

While Asian Americans represent one of the fastest growing populations in the United States, increasing voter turnout has also emerged as a pivotal talking point for the 2012 election. In 2008, roughly 600,000 new Asian American voters entered the electorate; a similar number is expected to do so this year as well. However, according to the National Asian American Survey (NAAS), which released results last month, nearly one-third of likely Asian American voters remains undecided and embodies 7-percent of the electorate. More than half are independent voters. Even though Asian Americans have had historically low voting rates and political participation, this year’s election season could be decided with encouragement to vote and an effort to change dynamics of the community’s involvement with the political process to dictate sensitive issues such as the economy, jobs, health care, and education.

Source: http://naasurvey.com/resources/Home/NAAS12-sep25-election.pdf