January 14's Fact of the Week

Yo-yo or Tagalog for “come-come” was a term coined by Pedro Flores, an intersection between Filipino and American culture. In 1915, Flores came to the United States from the Philippines after political and economic turmoil that affected his hometown as a result of the Philippine-American War. In 1918, he heard a story about a man that made a million dollars from selling a ball attached to a rubber band. Inspired as an economic investment and opportunity to equate this to Filipino culture as an old game played in the Philippines, he designed and developed his own brand of the yo-yo, the Flores Yo-yo, and carved a dozen by hand at first. Later, he established a number of yo-yo factories before selling his interest in his companies for $250,000 amidst the economic depression. Not only has his yo-yos been used in yo-yo spinning contests, but also remain as a valuable fragment of the development of its history.