What advice would you give to future student activists?

Ting-Ting Zhou

Just do it. You're going to get flack. People are going to label you as militant, intense, harsh, overbearing, too crazy, too ANGRY, too caught up in "bad" experiences you should just forget about. I am told to shut up all the time. I am told that the issues surrounding race will never ever go away, so why even bother. I am told to police my emotions. Yes, it would be easier if I didn't have to hear that. But you MUST push on. Silence the noise. Know that the fight is worth it. Know that educating yourself about the issues is NEVER a waste of your time. Don't become complacent. If you keep seeing things and saying, "wow.. someone ought to do something about this, that someone is YOU." (Thanks Ramey Ko for this insight!) Own that, and go do it. Now.

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