I've really had it with "Yellow Fever"

Seriously, not a fetish. So apparently, this band "Day Above Ground" decided that creating a song called "Asian Girlz" was a good idea. Forget the "z" which irritates every fiber of my English teacher being. The lyrics pretty much speak for themselves.

There's a mishmash of every Asian stereotype out there, as the song ends with:

Arcadia J-Town Alhambra K-Town Temple City Don’t forget Chinatown Get down Happy endings all over Bruce Lee Toyota Spicy tuny Sashimi Tasty Garden Fried Lice Sailor Moon Wonton soup Spring roll Tibet Foot rub rub a down down down Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra Tofu All over you all over me

I mean. Jeez. It's not like I (and countless others) have already talked about how Asian Americans are not all the same.

And really, "Tofu/All over you all over me?" Ew.

Besides. The worst is the fact that the band basically said, "Sorry you're offended" because honestly, I don't know what to make of someone who doesn't see anything wrong with saying,

I love your sticky rice Butt fucking all night Korean barbecue Bitch I love you I love your creamy yellow thighs Ooh you’re slanted eyes It’s the Year of the Dragon Ninja pussy I’m stabbin’

It's sexist, racist, and just plain stupid. Yellow fever (aka an "Asian obsession") is not complimentary. It's been said and done by so many.

I am not an object. I am a person. I am not a fetish. I am a person. I am not a costume. I am a person.

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