So this piece here is about a month old by now, but I have only just come across it and had a chance to ruminate. In it, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun talks about being mistaken repeatedly for a prostitute while in China, due to having a white partner. It still boggles my mind that there's so much controversy over interracial relationships, as personally, I'm not even sure how it matters. Anyway, Cheng-Tozun talks about moving to the newly-industrialized Shenzhen with her husband. And having multiple people go up to gawk at him and ask to "practice English" on him, while ignoring her, or, even worse, immediately assuming that she's a translator. And having other people give her looks or treat her differently because they assume that she is a sex worker.

While I personally believe that there shouldn't be a stigma against sex workers, being judged for whatever reason, in general, sucks. It also makes me frustrated that there is this culture where foreign men go in there and expect to just "buy" or otherwise entice/manipulate/trick local women. Ultimately, it's that inequity, the fetishizing, and all of those things that I and many others keep repeating, that allows this system to shame women and to exist.

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