High School Ambassadors Leadership Program


ECAASU is pleased to present its inaugural High School Ambassadors Leadership Program for DC and NYC metro area high school students who are interested in discussing AAPI issues in addition to becoming community activists. The program will consist of 10 monthly video chat meetings on salient topics such as affirmative action and misrepresentations of AAPIs in the media. In process of discussing AAPI issues in the context of books, articles, and documentary films, high school students will build a strong intellectual foundation to undergird their own community projects. The students will be mentored throughout the duration of their community projects, and in the end, receive admission to ECAASU’s annual national conference, a certificate of completion, a letter of recommendation for college, and possibly more. The High School Ambassadors Leadership Program aims to foster a spirit of AAPI community building and activism in an age where AAPIs are largely unrepresented in high school curricula. High school students may apply at http://tinyurl.com/ECAASUHSLP. Please direct any questions to our advocacy intern, Olivia Lu, at olivia.lu@ecaasu.org.


UPDATE 9/26: Deadline has been extended to September 30th! Apply TODAY!