What does "blackface" mean?

The history of blackface in America is pretty self-explanatory but oftentimes, it appears that sometimes, the messages get lost in translation overseas. So when I saw an ad that Dunkin Donuts in Thailand put out recently, I couldn't help but to remember the Vogue fiasco when the Netherlands' edition printed models in blackface for one of their spreads. What gives with other countries deciding that blackface is okay? In the instance of Dunkin Donuts, the US franchises have issued an apology, whereas apparently, the CEO of the Thailand franchises doesn't take issue at all. I'm not saying that everyone in the world needs to revolve themselves around American history and issues, but it does strike me as interesting that blackface is happening in countries where the population of actual Black people is low. Nevertheless, I believe that blackface is a form of cultural appropriation and in America, at least, has a long history of perpetuating negative stereotypes of Black people, and I believe that all instances of cultural appropriation, done here or abroad, need to be addressed.

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