Because Asian = Chinese, right?

Funny story: last year I had a student, a lovely girl, who one time got all up in arms because another student had mentioned that I was Chinese. "NO!" she bellowed, and I honestly thought she was going to fight the other student (fights in my school have been started over less), "Ms. is ASIAN, NOT CHINESE." Oh boy. Cue the geography lesson. I had to gently explain to my student that "Asia" was a continent, while "China" was a country. Although I was baffled that so few high schoolers knew the difference, the new "Chinese Food" music video that's just gone viral seems to indicate that those girls were not an aberration.

More people than I have already opined on the horrific "Chinese Food" music video and I'm not going to link to it to give it any more views. It's bad enough that it's an autotuned garbled mess of a song (produced by the same wonders who brought us "Friday," no less), but the degree of awful racism in the song is just absurd.

You can certainly talk about how awesome Chinese food is. Because yeah, it IS awesome. My very diverse, non-Chinese students are obsessed with Chinese food (granted, of the Americanized variety and strangely, mostly egg rolls) and are always asking me to bring some in for them. But you don't certainly shouldn't extol the virtues of Chinese by making nonsense subtitles in very clearly non-Chinese languages and dress up as "geishas." Because, actually, Chinese food and culture is not interchangeable with other Asian cultures and food.

And I mean honestly, not even a mention of xiaolongbao, but Panda Express? Please. Hopefully this is the last time I have to talk about crappy, racist music videos.

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