"I Believe" Campaign

The East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) is proud to announce the “I Believe” Campaign to continue supporting all ECAASU efforts and projects. ECAASU, since inception, has grown from an annual Conference to incorporate year-round projects and events that will continue to inspire, educate, and empower those interested in the Asian America and Pacific Islander (AAPI) issues for years to come. Along with expanding our National Board in recent years, we have explored multiple new avenues to continue the conversations concerning AAPI issues.


Since 2008, ECAASU has expanded our legacy projects, as well as incorporated new initiatives to confront AAPI issues. This year, inaugural events like the AAPI Adoption Forum, AAPI Mental Health Summit entered to provide open platforms to spread awareness and create dialogue amongst attendees. Legacy projects such as the Campus Tours and ECAASU Holiday Concert continue to grow every year creating opportunities for the AAPI community to network in a comfortable setting to share experiences and gain new knowledge. Last year we witnessed record-breaking numbers at  the ECAASU 2013 Conference at Columbia University in New York City, as attendees from all across the United States came to participate in the unique experience that included attending interactive educational workshops and professional and social networking events. ECAASU through the years has created a strong network to provide the AAPI community the tools to challenge social inequalities and build mutual respect between other communities.


The “I Believe” Campaign asks everyone to pitch in to help support all current and future ECAASU initiatives. ECAASU has made a positive impression on so many lives and with a donation as small as $1, you can help ECAASU grow and continue building ECAASU's national presence.