APIAs and the Affordable Care Act

From the Department of Health and Human Services comes this nifty graphic on how the APIA community is affected by health care and the Affordable Care Act. APIAs and Healthcare

As you can see, the data shows the dangers many members of the APIA community face due to a lack of health care.

The stats are astounding and unfortunate. However, open enrollment for insurance through the Affordable Care Act is available through March 31.

Want to help get the word out? Share:

1.       infographics on AAPIs and the Affordable Care Act (click here and see attached)

2.       a photo using hashtag #GetCovered (click here for instructions)

3.       20 Reasons to Get Covered (click here)

Join many other famous APIA figures in spreading the message to our communities!

Mindy Kaling and the ACAGeorge Takei and the ACA

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