ECAASU Welcomes: Our New Bloggers!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all ready to learn and discuss more about APIA issues. I certainly am! And that's why I'm excited to announce that ECAASU has brought on three fascinating and diverse bloggers who will contribute their unique opinions on a weekly or biweekly basis. Please join me in welcoming:

Celeste Chen: Celeste is our new Policy Writer! Celeste's background and previous works make her the perfect candidate to talk about policy for ECAASU, especially in terms of health. Interested in how? Check out Celeste's columns, which will be every Tuesday (although her first will be tomorrow).

Shan Lin: Shan is our new General Contributor! Shan is interested in exploring APIA relationships and in the portrayal of APIA people, especially men, in the media. He has lots of insight and thoughts that he draws from his own personal experiences as well as others. Want to know more? Check out Shan's columns, which will be every other Thursday.

Catherine Ye: Cat is our new Intersectionality Writer! Cat has plenty of thoughts that she's expressed in many different venues, and we're thrilled to feature them on ECAASU's blog! We're especially looking forward to her thoughts on stereotypes and social injustice. Are you as well? Check out Cat's columns, which will be every other Saturday.

For more detailed information on these wonderful writers and how to contact them, please visit our "About the Blog" page.

Stay tuned, because our first contributor post will be up tomorrow!