By now you must have seen via #BringBackSelfie on Twitter that ABC decided to officially cancel the show. #epicfail on ABC's part just as Selfie was finally on the upswing, so let's recap the latest episodes. Episode 5: Even Hell Has Two Bars

Two bars of what you ask? Cell phone service. Henry and Eliza are invited to spend the weekend at the lavish estate of their boss, where there is absolutely no cell phone service to Eliza's dismay. Henry has been preparing for this moment for years with horse riding lessons, but Eliza seems to ruin all his plans to talk about himself and being promoted when she keeps spontaneously suggesting more "fun" activities like tanning and celebrity watching, since there is no chance for her to update Instagram. Through Eliza's efforts to chill out Henry, the two get into an argument... but that doesn't last for long when Henry finds out that his boss promotes him since he was indeed able to let loose. At the end, Henry sees Eliza trying to find a signal while walking around in the woods and comes riding up in a horse. A bit of flirting ensues, only to result in the two pulling out their phones when the somehow at that moment, cell phone signal is revived.

Episode 6: Never Block Cookies

In an unrelated next episode, "Never Block Cookies" features Eliza and Charmonique teaming up to get Henry laid in order to relax. The two ladies try to help Henry out by trying to initiate a spark between him and the barista, and then setting up a mixer of single women for him. There was even a scene where Eliza tries to give Henry tips on dating and Henry pulls Eliza in by the waist. Up. Close. But, Henry claims to be looking for the real deal and in comparison to the previous episode, the ending is a little forgettable.

Perhaps the order of the two episodes should have been switched to leave the audience with a stronger, more impressionable ending to the night. Regardless, there's no real save for the show now. With only one definite episode left to air, we are left wondering why ABC pulled the plug so fast on a show that captured genuine moments from our everyday lives - both awkward and sweet.